Hj Ahmad Rasyid bin Hj Ismail

Curricular Vitae

Born in 1974, Hj. Ahmad Rasyid Bin Hj. Ismail is the graduate of International Islamic University Malaysia who graduated the Bachelor of Laws degree with honors in 1999.

He started his career by reading in the chamber of Mr. Wong Ming in Messrs. Zairina, Loh & Wong in the middle of March 1999 and was called to the Bar on 28 January 2000. With this firm, he was exposed to various type of banking litigation where he mastered his knowledge in banking and procedural laws. He was later retained as one of the legal assistant in litigation and was entrusted with six branches of Cempaka Finance Berhad (CFB) handling of not less than a thousand files. [CFB had been acquired by United Merchant Finance Berhad (UMFB). Southern Finance Berhad later took over UMFB]

He then joined Messrs. B. C. Teh & Yeoh as the Assistant Head of Litigation Department before he joined Messrs. Abdul Ghani Che Man & Co as the head of their Litigation Department. He further joined Messrs. J. Lee & Associates (formerly known as Messrs. J. Lee & Azharuddin) and became their Senior Partner. The partnership between them ended in the middle of May 2003 and was resolved. Immediately, he established this firm, Messrs. Ahmad Rasyid Ismail & Co where at first he was a sole proprietor cum firm manager.

He has experience in handling and conducting of all type of suits relating to loan recovery matters as well as matters relating to execution of judgment and enforcement of the Court order. Especially in banking litigation, he has experience in conducting cases of Hire Purchase, Leasing, Personal Loan, Executive Loan, Education Loan, Term Loan, Revolving Term Loan, Bridging Loan and Housing Loan. He also handled cases in general litigation of Accident, Defamations, General Negligence, Intellectual Property Passing Off, Land Acquisition Compensation, Professional Misconduct & Negligence and Public & Private Nuisance.

He also conducted contractual civil cases of Construction Contract, Corporate Debts Recovery, Goods Sold & Delivered, Labour, Late Delivery, Retail Debts Recovery and Services Rendered. He is also involved in defending, mitigating, representation and negotiating for lesser punishments and sentences in cases such as Company Related Offences, Possession of Stolen Properties / Motor Vehicles, Stealing Motor Vehicles, Altering Motor Vehicles Chassis Numbers and Theft.

From his past experiences, he has handled and succeeded in several hearings of summary proceedings such as summary judgment, striking out, setting aside, stay and reinstatement. He also experience handling and conducting other general and specific execution or recovery proceedings of winding-up, bankruptcy, discharge, distress, foreclosure, seizure and sale and delivery of vacant possession.

While handling and conducting the above, he has also exposed himself to various appeal proceedings, from leave to appeal, appeal from Subordinate Court to High Court, appeal from Registrar to the Judge in Chamber and appeal to the Court of Appeal. Most of them were handled single-handedly.

Overall he has a standing practice of more than ten years. He is the founder and currently is the principal partner of the firm.

In public he is a member of Silat Seni Gayong registered under Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia who has been conferred with Sandang Panglima Amanah Sakti a special recognition from Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia a trainer honorable strap for his contributions to the society.

He is also involved in some Islamic dakwah, practice, donation and collection activities by actively leading Pertubuhan Pendidikan Islam Kanak-Kanak Kelainan Upaya Malaysia as its voluntary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.