Mohamad Amrul Bin Jamaludin

Curricular Vitae

Mr. Mohamad Amrul Bin Jamaludin is one of the graduates of International Islamic University Malaysia who graduated the Bachelor of Law degree with honors.

He started his career in legal practice by reading in the chamber of Messrs. Manjit Singh Suchdev Mohammad Radzi & Partners in May, 2001. He was called to the Bar in April 2002. During that period he was exposed to various type of banking litigation where he mastered his knowledge in banking and procedural laws.

He was later on invited and joined Messrs. Shahinuddin & Ranjit as their legal assistant in April, 2002. He then joined Messrs. T.S Khoo & Partners in December, 2003 and in April, 2005 joined Messrs. Azlan Shah Shaikh & Rashidi and finally joined Messrs Ahmad Rasyid Ismail & Co. as a legal assistant.

He is experience in handling and conducting of all type of suits relating to loan recovery matters as well as matters relating to execution of judgment and enforcement of the Court order. In banking litigation, he has experience handling and conducting cases of Hire Purchase, Personal Loan, Term Loan, Revolving Term Loan, and Housing Loan.

He has handled and conducted cases in general litigation of Defamations, General Negligence as well as cases of which involves marriage and divorce, probate etc. He has also handled and conducted contractual civil cases of Construction Contract, Corporate Debts Recovery, Goods sold and Delivered, Late Delivery, Retail Debts Recovery and Services Rendered.

From his past experience, he has handled and succeeded in several hearings of summary judgment, striking out, setting aside, full trial etc. He also experience in handling and conducting other general and specific execution or recovery proceedings of winding-up, bankruptcy, distress, foreclosure, Judgment Debtors Summons, seizure and sale. While handling and conducting the above, he has also exposed himself to various appeal proceedings, from leave to appeal, appeal from Subordinate Court to High Court, appeal from Registrar to the Judge in Chamber, appeal to the Court of Appeal.

He has joined in this firm in May, 2006 as a legal assistant of the firm and left a year later.