Mohd Haidar @ Hasmayudin Bin Mohd Hashim

Curricular Vitae

Born in 1972, Mr. Mohd Haidar @ Hasmayudin Bin Mohd Hashim is one of the graduates of International Islamic University Malaysia who graduated the Bachelor of Laws degree with honors. He later further his study in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as a postgraduate and graduated the Master of Laws degree with honors.

He started his career in legal practice by reading in the chamber in Messrs. Yazid Baba & Partners in April 1998. He was called to the Bar on February 1999. During that period he was exposed to various type of banking litigation where he mastered his knowledge in banking and procedural laws. He was later retained as one of the legal assistant in litigation in this firm.

At the same time he was lecturing as a part time lecturer of laws and languages in Lim Kok Wing University College of Technology (previously known as Lim Kok Wing Institute of Technology) in Petaling Jaya. He manages hundreds of student, local and international, from classes, examination, academic advisory and convocation. He later focus on full time lecturing there until end of 2003.

In the mean time, he has been appointed as a part time researcher and assistant manager at Ibnu Sina Institute since July 2003. In middle end of August 2003, before he even finished his contract with Lim Kok Wing University College of Technology. At the end December 2003, he was invited and joined Messrs. V. P. Nathan & Partners as their legal assistant.

He then joined Messrs. Ahmad Rasyid Ismail & Co and was appointed senior partner of the firm Mac 2004. He later ceased practice on 31st December 2004 to accompany his wife to further her Ph.D study in Australia.