Roslaili Binti Jani

Curricular Vitae

Born in 1986, Mrs. Roslaili Binti Jani is the graduate of International Islamic University Malaysia who completed her Bachelor of Laws degree with honors in 2010.

She started her career in legal practice by reading in the Chamber of Encik Amir Anuar Bin Abdul Ghani in Messrs. Ahmad Rasyid Ismail & Co. Started in the end of 2010, she was called to the bar on September 2011.

Under this firm, she was exposed to various types of shariah application and litigation from criminal matters to marriage, divorce and child care and hibah or will enforcement to faraid division. She was also exposed to various types of civil such as general claims and accident matters and criminal litigations such as theft, snatch, robbery and rape.

These was accomplished by being a watching brief as well as assisting main counsel whether in participating in the client interviews, the researches, the trials and the submissions of a particular case.

Moreover, she has also experienced both the shariah and the conventional conveyancing practices such as drafting and writing will and hibah, sale and purchase, subsale as well as land transfer and division.

She has been offered by the firm to join in as its members immediately following her call to the bar on October 2011. She left three years later to establish her own firm.